Slovak Olympic House London 2012

London Tube Train

Slovak Olympic House – Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London

Slovak Olympic House – Fashion Show

A London Bus promoting Slovakia

Londýnska polícia varuje pred podvodnými vstupenkami

The following is a warning in the Slovak language about ticket fraud at the 2012 Olympic – stay safe when buying tickets

V súvislosti s blížiacimi sa Olympijskými a Paraolympijskými hrami v Londýne, britská polícia zaznamenala nárast počtu podvodov pri predaji vstupeniek. Aby sme mohli slovenským návštevníkom hier pomáhať a chrániť ich pred podvodmi aj v zahraničí, informoval nás o tom policajný pridelenec v Londýne.
Britský kolegovia nám poskytli niekoľko podvodných internetových adries, kde neodporúčajú vstupenky na Olympijské hry zakúpiť.

Tu je ich prehľad:

Britská polícia upozorňuje, že jediným bezpečným spôsobom ako je možné lístok cez internet zakúpiť je na adrese: alebo cez príslušný olympijský výbor ( respektíve jeho zmluvného partnera).
Zároveň dávame do pozornosti aj užitočné informácie, o ktorých sme verejnosť informovali ešte v máji tohto roku: .

Summer in AquaCity

Summer in Slovakia is stunning and with a trip AquaCity it changes to OUTSTANDING.
The Heart of Europe is an eco paradise – where holidays don’t cost the earth.

AquaCity Poprad in Slovakia celebrates Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

AquaCity Poprad in Slovakia joins the millions of well-wishers around the world and celebrates 60 years of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. as Monarch. In Poprad we still remember Her Majesty’s visit together with her husband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in October 2008.

AquaCity Poprad sa pripája ku miliónom gratulantov na celom svete a želá Jej Veličenstvu Alžbete II. všetko najlepšie ku 60. výročiu panovníctva. V Poprade stále spomíname na návštevu Jej Veličenstva s manželom Philipom vojvodom z Edinburgu v októbri 2008.

 Courtesy AquaCity

The UK Geothermal Could Generate as Much Electricity as 9 Nuclear Power Stations

A new independent report published by Sinclair Knight Merz claims deep geothermal resources could produce 20% of UK’s electricity and the heat for millions of homes.  

Although, deep geothermal power is new technology in the UK, the sector has been growing internationally. In Germany, the deep geothermal industry employs 6,000 people and has attracted €4 billion of investment. In Slovakia AquaCity has its core energy based on geothermal.

The new report shows that the recourse is widely spread around the UK and has the potential to provide 9.5GW of renewable electricity which is an equivalent to nearly nine nuclear power stations, the Renewable Energy Association (REA) said.

It has been forecast that in the UK, former mining regions like Cornwall, Yorkshire and the North East of England, including Northern Ireland and Scotland, could support valuable commercial projects*.

Ryan Law, Chair of the REA Deep Geothermal Group, emphasised the importance of geothermal investment for the UK industry and outlined significant benefits and commercial rewards for the geothermal sector.

Mr Law said: “We don’t want to be left out of a global industry which is estimated to be worth £30 billion by 2020. We could be at the forefront of this industry given the strength of British engineering skills. If the UK wants to seize a share of this booming global market we must prove our competence at home. Clearly investment at home could also go a long way to meeting our future energy needs cleanly and safely.”

*The resource set out in the report has been summarised as:

Cornwall and the South West

HEAT: 13,000 MWth – 6.5 million homes annual heat demand

POWER: 4,000 MWe (equivalent to 3.3 nuclear power plants)

 The North East

HEAT: 9,000 MWth – 4.5 million homes annual heat demand

POWER: 4,000 MWe (equivalent to 3.3 nuclear power plants)

 The Lake District

HEAT: 8,000 MWth 4 million homes

POWER: 2,300 MWe (equivalent to 1.9 nuclear power plants)

 Wessex Basin

HEAT: 33,000 MWth 16.5 million homes

 Cheshire Basin

HEAT: 14,000 MWth 7 million homes

 East of England

HEAT: 12,000 MWth 6 million homes

 Worcester Basin

HEAT:  6,700 MWth 3.35 million homes

 Larne Basin

HEAT: 1,000 MWth 500,000 homes

Institute of Directors HQ will be Slovak Olympic House

The Institute of Directors’ head office at 116 Pall Mall will host the Slovakian Olympic team during the 2012 Games.

Slovak House is taking two of the 12 available event spaces at the IoD, in which it will entertain, conduct business and hold press conferences. The building houses function rooms, restaurant facilities and a business centre.

The venue is situated within a minute of London’s Olympic Lanes and is close to the live sites, which will provide video links, public information and event spaces during the Games.

The IoD’s chief operating officer, Andrew Main Wilson, said he is “delighted and proud” that the IoD’s headquarters has been chosen for Slovak House.

“116 Pall Mall was built in 1828 and is one of London’s most famous period buildings, located minutes from the dedicated lanes for Olympic athletes and VIPs, and it is symbolically decorated with Olympic Torch-like flambeaux,” he added.

Slovak Team Olympic attaché Jan Telensky said: “The IoD’s head office will have a significant part to play for us during the 2012 Olympics, and its unique location in the heart of London with its access to the lovely garden at the back will make everyone’s experience unforgettable.”