Jan Telensky working with students for their NVQ in Quicktime

Dr Jan Telensky, described as the ‘financial angel’ behind the project, said: “I began my career as a salesman in offices on the Tettenhall Road so the area has many good memories for me. I remember though that in the 70s and 80s it was an area suffering because of the decline of its manufacturing industry. “After being made a city in 2001 it has begun to grow in to a place of pride and ambition with a wonderful ethnic mix and good shops and business potential. In our own way we hope to improve this fabulous city too.” Wolves NVQ StudentsThere have been thousands of new construction jobs this year as builders attempt to meet Government targets, but apprentices who spent years learning to become plumbers, gas fitters, bricklayers and electrician have been missing out because of the legislation. Dr Telensky said: “Our own apprentices were losing out. This new scheme, New Vocational Quickstart, involves renovating properties across the country and enables them to get there NVQ in just weeks instead of years.” Read the full story here