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Manchester United’s Autumn Training Camp in Poprad YEAR THREE

Football stars of the future, from MANCHESTER UNITED youth, are returning to AQUACITY POPRAD for an Autumn Training camp for a third year.

Poprad has become a popular destination for world sport clubs, thanks to the excellent conditions for sports training, medical treatments and recovery services.

WHEN: From 27/10/2012 to 01/11/2012 Manchester United Youth will stay in Aquacity Poprad.

FEATURED EVENT 28.10.2012 at 13:00. Held on the Velka Lomnica football field, and open to the public, there will be training followed by an autograph session. Players and staff from Manchester United youth will be coaching youngsters from the local area.

In addition, Manchester United youth will play two friendly matches against Slovak football clubs. The first in Prešov on 29.10.2012 followed by Banská Bystrica on 31.10.2012. Tickets from the respective clubs available.

Slovak Olympic House London 2012

London Tube Train

Slovak Olympic House – Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London

Slovak Olympic House – Fashion Show

A London Bus promoting Slovakia

Go GREEN, more employment opportunities for the renewable and low-carbon industry.

A recent government report has shown that the UK’s green economy grew with £5.4 billion in 2011, employing almost 1 million people in the low carbon industry.

The new report, released by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, shows record growth for UK’s green goods and services, generating £122 billion in 2011, an increase of 4.7 per cent against figures from 2009/10.

Employment levels across the Low Carbon, Environmental Goods and Services (LCEGS) increased with 2.8 per cent, indicating that 939, 627 people are currently employed in green industry sector. Rise in the number of people working in the low carbon industry is “the first really positive sign of employment growth in the sector since the recession in 2008” the report says.

The government expects the companies involved in the LCEGS sector to continue to expand, bringing more employment opportunities for the renewable and low-carbon industry.

Popradské Aquacity opäť medzi elitou

Aquacity Poprad again among the elite

Udeľovanie prestížnych cestovateľských Oscarov v tureckom letovisku Antalya bolo aj so slovenskou účasťou. A neboli sme tam len do počtu. Už je to celkom pekná tradícia, ale v žiadnom prípade nejde o samozrejmosť. Ceny asociácie World Travel Awards sa udeľujú od roku 1994, no až v posledných rokoch sa medzi najlepších pravidelne dostáva aj Slovensko.

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Businessman’s lost university days become glittering prizes for graduates

A LUTON businessman who missed out on university life is donating thousands of pounds to outstanding local graduates.
Mr Jan Telensky, who now runs one of the UK’s most successful distance learning colleges, last week presented two graduates from the University of Bedfordshire with more than £20,000 to mark their success in the world of computing.

Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) Professor Carsten Maple,
Vice Chancellor Professor Les Ebdon CBE, Dr Jan Telensky, Sadeque Imam Shaikh and Winner: Prajay J Kamat

Prajay Kamat was awarded the new Goya (Graduate of the Year Award) during a ceremony at the university’s Putteridge Bury campus. He  also received £15,000 to mark his burgeoning business career.
Prajay, aged 31, from Luton, who is an alumnus of the university’s department of computer science and technology, says his company, AiSolve, develops software for clients including Coca Cola and Tesco Digital, and he is also working on creating virtual reality teaching technology.
He said: “I’m going to invest in the new technology my company is creating so that people can learn hands-on skills like plumbing. It means they can learn practical skills in the security of a virtual environment.”
A condition of the awards is that the winners donate half their prize money to the university but have the opportunity to nominate an area of expertise. Prajay said he would like to see his contribution go on research and design to “inspire students to get their products on the market”.
Mr Telensky said: “I didn’t have the chance to go to university and had to go out into the world and make it on my own. I have always regretted that.
“But now, I am in a position to help others achieve success. This Goya is all about recognising achievement and rewarding it.”
The second award went to  Sadeque Imam Shaikh, who receives £7,500. Sadeque, aged 35, from Bangladesh, is chief executive officer of Tempest Informatics and regularly lectures at the University of Science and Technology in Chittagong.

Sadeque said: “”It’s a real honour to win this prize. I hope to use the money to help young IT students to carry out research in their field of computing.”
The Goya was set up last year by Mr Telensky.

Photos courtesy of the Luton Herald and Post.
Compiled in Luton by T. Jinks