Jan Telensky

Dr Jan Telensky explains the new developments within his nationwide construction company in the UK

Dr Jan Telensky, majority owner of AquaCity Poprad, explains the new developments within his nationwide construction company in the UK

The Legend of Linden in Poprad

Dr Jan Telensky, majority owner of Aquacity Poprad and Patron of the book, Slovakia, The Legend of the Linden, said , “The need for such a book is great”.

Launched in London, the book signing in Poprad takes place 02 May 2018 in the presense of the British Ambassador to the Slovak Republic at the Poprad Engish Group



How a college is teaching the Government a thing or two about giving people a hand on to the property ladder

A new initiative to get young people into their first homes is set to eclipse Britain’s ailing Rent to Buy scheme.

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British Army Football Team Heading to Slovakia


The British Army football team is heading to Poprad, Slovakia.They’ll take on their counterparts in the central European country during their visit next May.

It’s been organised to coincide with a visit by the All Star UK legends team, and it’s all taking place in the world’s first geo-thermal heated stadium,

The man who built it, businesman and philanthropist Jan Telensky, is paying for the cost of bringing the teams over and their accommodation, whilst the British Professional Football Association is paying £160,000 to provide the team

Paula Middlehurst asked him why the game was important to him.

Digital Angels


Ts&Cs on the image.

Digital Angels has a number of office laptops that have been refurbished.

Please use the ‘Contact‘ to register an interested. N.B. The laptops are supplied as shown on the image.

Radio Tatras International


May I thank the great team at Radio Tatras International for believing that something that is right should never be closed. Well done everyone – so proud.